The concept

Easy Manage is a comprehensive System Management and Service Management solution to manage your ICT Infrastructure. Easy Manage is a pure browser based application designed based on the best practice, ITIL standard.

Easy Manage helps the growing organizations to mange their ICT infrastructure for an affordable price. With Easy Manage organizations can control their ICT cost and make quick and efficient decisions.

Easy Manage has been developed for Open Systems. This means it will work for:

  • Any workstation: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux
  • Any Network: LAN Manager, NT, 2003, 2008
  • Any Server: Windows XP, Vista, 2008 (x86 & x64), UNIX
  • Any Application: Word, Excel, Legacy etc…

Easy Manage Architecture:

Easy Manage is a browser based application developed using JAVA 2.0 technology. Easy Manage can be deployed on different web servers which support Java Servlet and supports different Databases including MS Access 2000.

Configuration and Asset Management:

The CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is the central part of Easy Manage where all your ICT resources (Workstations, Servers, Printer, Applications, Devices, Telecom devices etc.) are defined. Easy Manage CMDB is structured in a way to do the PC or Server installation from the moment it arrived from the supplier. Any at given moment the PC or server installed using Easy Manage can be restored to the original configuration within 4 minutes.

Defining Assets in CMDB:

Classifying the components in ICT infrastructure is a vital job to manage the ICT department and provide a better service to Customers and Employees. Detailed level of classification is possible with Easy Manage

  • Adapter Types
  • Device Types
  • Processor Types
  • Telecom Devices
  • Network Components
  • Machine Types
  • PCs
  • Servers
  • Initial Software
  • Application Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Software

When a new hardware is arrived from the supplier, the first thing we should do is assess the new hardware and define the components involved in the configuration and define the configuration.

Easy Manage Knowledge Base

Easy Manage knowledge base is a repository where all Operating systems, Application Softwares, Network Softwares and drivers are stored. During the PC installation and Software distribution the necessary applications are taken from this central repository. Easy Manage knowledge base structure will be installed by the setup procedure and it is the responsibility of the Easy Manage users to populate the Knowledge base. Easy Manage provides tools to upload the drivers and applications to the Knowledge Base.

PC Installation

Unlike other competitor's products, Easy Manage is involved from the moment PC arrives from the supplier. The most complex and time consuming process of initial PC installation is done so simple with Easy Manage. All you need to do is connect the PC to network, insert the boot disk and enter the inventory number when starting the PC. Hard disk will be partitioned as specified in the CMDB and Operating system, drivers for all the devices will be installed unattended.

Software Distribution

One of the major operations of any ICT is the distribution of applications to workstations. The complexity of this operation is increased when workstation needs to be upgraded very often. This is the case in many organizations. Easy Manage provides industry best concept to resolve this recurring problem.