Software Control and Distribution

In the competitive environment, organizations are finding ways to cut costs and increase the efficiency of their operations. The software distribution process and application administration can be an ever-ending responsibility for the IT staff. With employees using different desktops and applications, IT personal will spend much of their time going from system to system to install new software or to resolve problem that arise.

Business Expectation

  • Reduce the distribution time.
  • Increase the productivity of the customer and skilled employee.
  • Detailed information on software license.
  • Report on software assets associated to a user as well as users accessing an asset.

Easy Manage Distribution Management

Most of the challenges in the IT department are answered by the Easy Manage software distribution solution. The Easy Manage software distribution solution guarantees delivery of software installations and upgrades to thousands of distributed users. It has the flexibility to support multiple operating systems, languages and installation formats. Software Distribution and Inventory work hand-in-hand to provide a complete distribution management solution.

Automates the distribution of laptops, desktops, servers and printers in the heterogeneous environments. From distribution of software, to management of system configuration, Easy Manage ensures consistency and reliability. This solution provides advanced planning, automation and technology integration to ensure that user productivity is not disturbed.

Key Features

Auto Rectification

Easy Manage provides monitoring for essential system resources, to detect the bottlenecks and potential problems, and to automatically recover from critical situations. Easy Manage saves system administrators from manually scanning through the huge data before problems can be identified and solved. Using industry best practices, Easy Manage can provide immediate solution for your critical business problems.


Easy Manage allows you to schedule the task of installation, upgrades and distribution. It handles all your schedules from a centralized location using a common console. Centralized workload management reduces the need for skilled personnel at remote locations and helps you manage your distributed systems in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Salient Features and Benefits:

  • Increase the availability of critical business systems (reduces system down time).
  • Speeds the implementation and reduces the error, making a IT standard in the organization.
  • Increases the end user time and thus increases the productivity.
  • Provide end-to-end management of the complete application and optimize the use of resources.