Problem Management

In today's corporate environment, the key features that determine a business success are technological advances, deepened competition and sharp increase in customer demands.

Heavy competition forces companies to perform better and deliver high quality service to the customer. Solutions without a service-oriented approach will not help in maximizing new business opportunities bringing in new business opportunities. Even a single unpleasant experience is enough for competitors to grab your customers.

"Working Proactively" is an inevitable phrase that ties customers to your business. Problem prediction and troubleshooting is far more important than solving the problem when it occurs. Tracking problems, intelligently assessing problems and automating proactive solution processes assures your strong hold in the competitive market environment.

Business Expectation

  • Keep the balance between the service level objective and customer expectations.
  • A timesaving solution is available to help desk managers, consultants and technical support professionals,whenever technical problems and crises occur.
  • A proactive problem management policy can be used as an operational strategy to avoid panic and confusion.
  • Ability to respond and bounce back when serious technology problems occur.
  • Set realistic service expectations through a careful need analysis and capabilities.

Proactive approach with Easy Manage

With Easy Manage Problem Management, you can expect to improve customer service and lower overall costs. It allows IT to proactively manage its infrastructure and to reduce the number of recurring incidents reported to service desks. The key to problem management is effective thru the availability of key incident data to provide meaningful trend analysis for prompt problem resolution.

Easy Manage addresses IT problems like infrastructure outages, application availability, hardware failures. The Problem management component is supplemented with data from numerous database tables, including configuration management, assets, recent changes, problem management and incidents.

Problem management continually logs, tracks and expedites problem resolution while proactively removing or avoiding future problem conditions.

Advanced incident workflow management system, provides a comprehensive knowledge base of incidents, problems, known errors and workarounds to ensure the quickest possible resolution of service interruptions.

How does Easy Mange reduce the occurrence of recurring problems?

Easy Manage's Problem Management application is a detailed and flexible information management system, designed to coordinate and manage the life cycle of problems, complaints, questions and requests for changes. This tool provides automated recording, diagnosing, assigning, tracking, reporting and archiving of problem information.

Historical data contained in the database can easily be searched to find problems with similar characteristics and solutions. The Known Errors are incorporated into the Knowledge Base and is available to the help desk as well. Further this structure enables you to define a better workaround.

Right Solutions by Right People

Easy Manage always provides a hands-on report on the experts in your organizations and their skill levels. Problem Management automatically assigns problems to the appropriate individual or group based on user-customized rules.

Its automatic escalation facility ensures that critical problems are made visible to the appropriate personnel (assignees, supervisors, managers, directors, etc.) at the appropriate time, based on severity, impact, problem type and elapsed time.

Salient Features and Benefits:

  • Defines and agrees incident and problem categories and priorities.
  • Analyzes incident and problem reports and statistics to determine trends, identify weak areas.
  • Proposes resolutions to reduce the number of incidents, by proactively identifying and preventing possible problems.
  • Co-ordinates, schedules, targets and focuses resources to the resolution of the most appropriate incidents and problems.