Help Desk

To keep your business running smoothly and to have competitive edge in the changing market, IT professionals have to render efficient service to the end users or customers. But in the complex and changing IT infrastructure, balance between the service and customer expectation is a challenging task for the IT employees. Market situation and competition force the company to provide quality service at reduced cost.

Business Expectation

  • A proactive and automatic service to the customers will retain customer base.
  • Single repository, which will give solution to all incident and problem in the enterprises.
  • A corporate strategy that can deliver quick solution to customer's questions and problems.
  • A solution module automatically directs the need of the customer to the skilled employee in the database.

Easy Manage Help Desk

To meet today's business challenge, Easy Manage Help Desk has evolved as a proactive tool to support and manage the IT bottleneck instantly. It is a comprehensive Service Management solution used across the IT organization and 3rd party service delivery groups to manage a broad range of IT services in an organization.

Easy Manage Help Desk is designed to meet your business requirements and automate complex business service processes. When help desks can take the resposibility to resolve incidents fast and accurately, application administrators, system administrators and network administrators can concentrate more on structural problems and changes.

Easy Manage, out-of-box functionality logs every call, which comes to this application and provides a unique ticket to each request. This request can be traced through out its lifecycle (till it resolved) with its ticket number. The request will be assigned automatically to the skilled employee based on the priority it deserves and employee availability. With Easy Manage, web based application customers can view the status of their request.

Salient Features and Benefits:

  • A single point solution to all IT related problem, request and change management.
  • As the customers IT problems and changes are resolved quickly, they are satisfied and their productivity can be increased.
  • Brings world-class standard and proactive approach in fixing the IT problems.
  • Automatically directs problems to skilled person in the database.