Configuration Management

IT Infrastructure is not the backbone of the business anymore; it becomes an integral part of the business success. Heavy competition forces the companies to perform better and deliver high quality service to the customer. But high quality service cannot be ensured with legacy system, each enterprise requires a sophisticated system that provides platforms to deliver higher service with lesser cost.

Business Expectation

  • Identify the problem prone areas and time consuming tasks.
  • Reduce the down time and increase the productivity.
  • Set the standard through out the organization.
  • Automate the ICT department and simplify the system administrator's task.
  • Monitoring and controlling cross-platform environment.

Automate your ICT with Easy Manage

Using Easy Manage configuration management tool, the organization can distribute any operating system from a central server. The down time of a key business system can be eliminated because enterprises have the ability to connect to remote desktop, which is spread across the globe. Easy Manage goes beyond monitoring the system performance to manage all aspects of the desktop. Easy Manage supports LAN/WAN, Internet networking facility in the multi platform environment. As desktops are monitored and controlled from central server location, operating system can be installed unattended.

Easy Manage configuration Management can work alone or as a part of the Easy manage ICT Management solutions suite.

Key Features

Remote control

Allow you to take control of the desktop that you are working with directly from the Easy Manage server. It supports a variety of platforms and enables you to control systems on one platform even while working from another operating system.

Desktop Management

Brings world-class standard in the ICT department as files are stored & managed from server console. Keeps on watching every desktop at equal interval and allows only permitted application to that particular user. Makes distribution faster compared with the legacy manual systems.

Remote Distribution

Allows you to install an operating system in the remote desktop from the Easy Manage server. Remote distribution eliminates the running between the systems and building to update or distribute a file in the desktop.

Data collection

Generates comprehensive information about the asset, hardware and software used in an organization. Supports all drivers and applications irrespective of the vendor. System administrator can make detailed report on application used in an organization and which is assigned to whom from his desktop. 

Salient Features and Benefits:

  • Improve customer productivity by reducing the down time of the desktop.
  • Eliminates the manual process of installing operating systems.
  • Proactive methodology in solving and troubleshooting the IT problems.
  • View the relationship between the resources from a single console.