Change Management

New installations, upgrades of equipment, software changes, configuration changes and time taken by the skilled persons are time consuming and costly task to the IT employees. Proactive customer service and cost-efficiencies depends on the ability to make fast and effective changes to the IT Infrastructure.

Companies with large number of devices face the ever growing challenge of keeping track of all changes occurring with these devices, as well as maintaining consistent configurations across the devices. Easy Manage can help reduce the pain associated with change management.

Business Expectation

  • A standard method and procedure for efficient handling of all changes.
  • Proactive procedure to minimize the impact of change related incidents.
  • Improve daily activity and standardize the service quality.
  • Support huge volume of changes without additional infrastructure requirement.

Handle huge volume of changes with Easy Manage

A browser-based Easy Manage Change Management solution enables users to link automatically the incidents, problems and changes, creating a plan for change, assessing business risks and approvals. The implementation of a change without better knowledge can be quite complex and can cause a new incident. To prevent these hazards, it is very important to implement the Change in a controlled and phased manner.

Every change request will pass through different steps to the final authorization. Change management involves hardware, operating system, application software and procedures associated with this components. History of changes is stored in the central repository for the future reference.

Easy Manage allows you to asses the impact, infrastructure requirements for the change and prepare the impact analysis for the implementation. The system manager can view this impact analysis report before the change request is authorized. With this proven automated procedure you can reduce the cost associated with the volume of changes and increase the efficiency of your knowledge users.

Salient Features and Benefits:

  • Better alignment of IT services to business requirements.
  • Better assessment of the cost of the proposed changes before they are incurred.
  • Increased productivity of the total involvment of key personnel from sheduled duties rather divert to implement urgent changes.
  • Greater ability to absorb a large volume of Changes.