About us

EZManage BV is a Dutch company founded in 1992. The director of the company has an experience in the ICT for more than 40 years. He is a great proponent of standardization and that is why he started to develop Easy Manage which could be used by everyone in an ICT organization.

The concept of the current Easy Manage product was created in 1994 and can be continued for years. He started to develop a Configuration Management DataBase which could be used to administrate all ICT objects to manage in an organization. But administration only is not enough, it will only be accepted by ICT people, when they can do their work with it. He has extended the product with tools, templates and scripts so that workstations and applications could be rolled out with only a few mouse clicks. He extend the product with the ITIL processes like the Incident, Problem and Change management. So all ICT people will use the product to do their work on an efficient and convenient way.

De Haan Software

De Haan Software is responsible for programming the GUI of the Administration part of Easy Manage. A thorough object-oriented design using the latest Java techology will provide a fast and reliable application with a consistent user interface. With its 22 years of experience De Haan Software guarantees solid and highly maintainable software. With growing demands for more functionality expansion must be as easy as maintenance. This is achieved by using a modular design restricting lowlevel complexity to a few common used basic libraries, leaving the greater number of highlevel modules to be simple, readable, maintainable and easy expandable.

For more information see: De Haan Software (Dutch)